Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do I kill weeds and grass in my rose garden?

I'm afraid to use ROUND-UP or ORTHO-WEED KILLER because they may destroy my beautiful roses.

How do I kill weeds and grass in my rose garden?
Either one of those products will work fine.Just make sure you spray it on a calm day.They will only kill what they touch.They don't leech into the soil.Put the tip of the sprayer next to the weed and spray.You can also drench a sponge with it and just wipe it across the weeds.It will soak into the weeds down to the roots.
Reply:Put on gloves and pull them out. Then put down mulch to keep new ones from sprouting.
Reply:If you have a small rose garden, organic mulch and hand weeding are the best way to eliminate weeds.

Monsanto's Round-Up and similar products that employ glyphosate are absorbed through a plant's foliage. If you are very careful and avoid letting the glyphosate spray drift onto rose foliage, you'll find that glyphosate is a very herbicide effective in the rose garden.

An old rosarian.

Reply:Unfortunately you are going to have to pull the weeds and you will have to dig the grass out . Once that is done put down some kind of mulch, what ever you like. Then buy Preen for weeds. It is the best thing i have ever used.You can buy it at most stores and Lowe's,Home Depot stores. But it only works once you get all the weeds out. Now with that said you will still get weeds, but not as many, and when you go to pull them out they come out reallllllly easy. I have been gardening for forty some years and believe me i use to spend 2 days every spring cleaning up the weeds. i would have a trash can and 3 or 4 lawn bags to haul to the curb.But since i started using preen i might get one of those plastic grocery bags half full of weeds in the spring. I put Preen down in the spring , then again in the fall around Sept.Good luck .
Reply:Cover the area with black plastic garbage bags.
Reply:Well weed killer was goijg to be on of my options but since you don't like them try pulling the weeds and grass....if your not to lazy too. Berfore we had weed Killer we pulled weeds.
Reply:Water and then pull them up.
Reply:got to pull them! also you can check out organic products
Reply:lay down news paper 7 to 9 layers (sheets) then cover with mulch. Weeds will die, paper will decompose, smell the roses!!!
Reply:If you don't want to use weed and grass killer, and pulling them is to much work, then pore hot water on them. I mean real hot water, just stay away from your roses.

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